Beuys City Map – English


An Exhibition Project spreading across 7 Locations in Munich
Curated by Tatjana Schäfer & Bernhart Schwenk
Organised by the Bavarian State Painting Collections
25. JUNE – 10. OCTOBER 2021

What effect does art unfold when it is placed outside the museum?
The Pinakothek der Moderne addresses this question with the project “I transmit” on the occasion of Joseph Beuys’ 100th anniversary:
10 multiples transmit their messages from 7 different locations across the city of Munich.

Discover the multiples at their various locations on a city walk using the BeuysCityMap below.
Click on the green flags in the map or on the places listed on the right to see opening times and the addresses. Enjoy the tour!

Coining the phrase “I am a sender. I transmit”, Joseph Beuys manifested his artistic identity as a messenger. With this statement, he was referring to a particular strain of his oeuvre: the so-called multiples – a variety of objects that Beuys produced in editions in close collaboration with his art dealers. At first glance, the multiples seem familiar. They are often made from everyday materials, which Beuys reassembled into new structures of meaning, to provoke cognitive engagement. Beuys found visual, intellectual and emotional enticement to be the multiples’ key function, which is why he referred to them as “antennas” and “vehicles”.
In 2021, one hundred years after Joseph Beuys’ birth, the exhibition of multiples in various places takes up the concept of antennas anew: Today, “I transmit” is told from the objects’ perspective.

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We are grateful to all involved at the various exhibition sites

Center for Advanced Studies (CAS)
Lena Bouman, Andrea Cors, Annette Meyer, Julia Schreiner
gate – Garchinger Technologie- und Gründerzentrum
Christian Heckemann, Lisa Hyna, Artem Kuchukov
Haus der Kulturen und Religionen
Gönül Yerli, Markus Rhinow, Martin Rötting
Justizpalast, Weiße Rose Saal
Tobias Rottmeir, Anna Sander, Alexander von Hornstein
Munich Re
Susanne Ehrenfried-Bergmann, Eva Fritz
Stiftung Kick ins Leben
Christine Richter, Günther Lamperstorfer, Anna Arndt
Theatiner Filmtheater
Marlies Kirchner, Bastian Hauser, Claire Schleeger